Monday, 20 July 2009

Judging Men By Their Shoes

Dumb people think that shoes say a lot about someone. They use the "sole profile" to assess someone's entire personality.

Women are the prime culprits in this ridiculous evaluation process. It is one of the weakest, and yet most embraced, means women have to evaluate men.

For example, a woman might judge a man's ability in bed based on the type of shoes he wears, and how he puts them on. Apparently this gives her all the information she needs to decide what kind of lover he is.

You think it would make more sense to just talk to someone, or better yet get "involved" with them, to find out the truth of the matter. But that's what smart people would do, and that's not what we're talking about here.

And what if someone doesn't care that much about making shoes a priority, because he has better things to worry about? So you can't really judge one aspect of their lives to make conclusions about a different aspect because they are not weighted with the same importance.

Another possibility is that a man will learn about "proper footwear" to fool the ladies, just to get his foot in the door, and to their dismay they find out that he doesn't measure up. You see, there's this thing called lying and misrepresentation which many men have used to fool many women.

But dumb women won't acknowledge this because in their narrow field of view they are always right. They have a habit of judging things based on limited information and only on what they can directly see in front of them.

So not only are they dumb, but lazy too.

So why do some women put so much emphasis on footwear? Probably because it's related to fashion, and because they themselves have a thing for footwear. Therefore, they project the importance they place on footwear on to the importance men should place on footwear. So in their minds they are justified in judging someone based on what they would be thinking when that person does something shoe related.

Just think, there are some women who become dating coaches, teaching women all they need to know about men based on their shoes and shoe habits. These women are experts at finding patterns where there are none.

A person with such entrenched dumb-ness will (when proven wrong) twist and distort the facts in an effort to validate what they're already thinking.

So you see, women who habitually judge men by their shoes are impossible to reason with, and are quite incurable. They are simply so in love with their (selective) powers of observation that they would never entertain the existence of real data that proves them wrong.