Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wanting Casual Sex And Calling Women "Sluts"

Some men sabotage their own efforts to get laid. They complain that it's difficult to get sex on demand, but at the same time they refer to "easy" women as sluts. It's a disturbing combination but quite common.

And of course, this confuses some women into not having sex right away else they be called a slut. But this introduces another issue, the possibility of being called a prude -- which men also hate.

This points to the internal conflict some men experience, and don't have the mental capacity to resolve. Sexual frustration is apparently no cure for stupidity.

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Daily Dose of Fantasy said...

Meanwhile, the rest of society struggles with developing their own morals regarding sex because of the pressure that these two groups put on them(”do I have to be promiscous to be a man”"If all men are promiscous and it’s okay, then should I be promiscous in order to stand up for womens equality).