Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Helicopter Parenting

These days, colleges and universities are struggling with ways to deal with dumb parents who watch their kids a little too closely.

This relatively new phenomenon arose as the kids of the baby boomers started coming of age and going to college. And because the "Me" generation is inherently selfish they have a hard time letting go of "possessions", and tend to get involved in every aspect of their kids lives.

The original "Me" generation has created the Mini-Me generation.

They want "Johnny" to do well in school so they "hover" and check up to make sure he doesn't make mistakes. It's as if they fear that their kid's mistakes will be a poor reflection on them. So they check up on them, smother them with assistance in their daily matters, and even call (harass) the instructors when their kids don't get the grades they want.

The cell phone has become the worlds longest umbilical, allowing daily contact between parents and kids to resolve issues such as money, laundry, choosing classes, and dealing with roommates.

Dumb baby boomers treat their kids as an extension of themselves, not as unique individuals who need to find their own way.

They are not allowing their kids to fend for themselves, preferring to coddle them to bolster their own self-image. The Me generation knows no bounds. The latest addition to their (mis)deeds is this helicopter phenomenon in which they micro-manage their kids lives, preferring not to let them experience life directly, and making sure they perform as well as they would like because they are "my kids and I want to be proud!" It's the latest screw-up dumb baby boomers have added to their list of fuck ups (e.g. the Social Security fiasco).

This delusional self-worth will also be the reason why many baby boomers won't want to retire from their workplace when the time comes, feeling they are needed too much, even when they are fervently encouraged to leave!

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