Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fox News

One of the most biased sources of anti-news is hugely popular with dumb people. It is ideologically skewed to the right and appeals to the rotting underbelly of American politics. The Fox news website, under the guise of being "fair and balanced" is the counterweight for lowering awareness and intelligence. If you find yourself asking too many questions or thinking critically about the world then Fox news is where you go to dumb down.

Reader comments on the website often consist of nonsensical half-witted grammatically challenged diatribes against Obama, and anything to the left of Bush policies.

The site is frequented by religious types who love to quote scripture when trying to prove a point. Fox news is in fact a media outlet for fanatical Americanism. It attracts patriotic dumb Americans like moths to a flame.

The site attracts certain kinds of dummies; whose dangerous bigotry is (fortunately) mitigated only by their outright stupidity.

If you teach a monkey how to use the internet he'll leave a comment on the Fox news website.

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, all of the above can be said of CNN and MSNBC as well.