Thursday, 21 May 2009

Putting Their Kids Pictures on Facebook

Dummies everywhere are putting details of their kid's birthdays, doctor's visits, first swimming lessons, and other details they would never share with a stranger in public, on Facebook. All someone has to do to see it all is add them as a friend (and sometimes not even that). Women are the most guilty of this. They like to expose details of their personal lives for all the world to see. Too bad they fail to see the mixed message behind this.

The mixed message is that, on the one hand you shouldn't talk to strangers, but on the other hand it's okay for strangers to read about you on the internet.

"Gee I don't know this person but I'll add them as a friend anyway. I already have hundreds so what can it hurt".

To dumb people, an anonymous threat is apparently not as bad as a threat in broad daylight (i.e. strangers). If anything, dumb people are not consistent.

But the kids will no doubt have serious questions when they see themselves plastered online.

"Mommy, why am I on Facebook?"

"Because I'm an idiot dear. Now run outside and play. And don't talk to strangers."

Of course, this spells trouble in the event that something bad does happen. And it will, sooner or later. There are just too many dummies posting details of their kid's lives, so an incident is bound to occur eventually. And once it does, the dummies will be up in arms demanding that Facebook be taken down. There may even be a movement that forms: Mothers Against Facebook, or something similar.

But I have a feeling, the most that will come of it is some sort of change to Facebook's terms of service, which may include a disclaimer saying something like: "If you have kids and are stupid enough to post details of their private lives, don't blame us if something bad happens".

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