Monday, 20 April 2009

Criticizing Obama For Bowing To Saudi King And Greeting Chavez

There's a lot of controversy over President Obama's apparent bow to the king of Saudi Arabia. Some people consider it an act of treason and a display of subservience. And the same sort of criticism arose when Obama shook hands with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. But that was more a matter of risking "national security" in the minds of some, since Chavez had made some very anti-American comments in the past. But the truth is that these weren't actually anti-American comments. They were more anti-Bush comments.

Criticisms like this are just examples of the reflexive fear-based responses dumb people have, and which the GOP propaganda machine tries to exploit whenever it can.

Obama said it best when he said that he doesn't think that having a polite exchange with Mr. Chavez would endanger the strategic interests of the United States.

The first line of defense against people who hate you is to stop being an asshole towards them. And by engaging in diplomacy and friendliness you go a long way towards achieving that.

Of course, dummies would argue that you should get bigger guns and impose greater aggression to minimize threats. Anything less is deemed "risky". In other words, if I'm an asshole then I must become an even bigger asshole to protect myself.

Of course you could also try not being an asshole. Then maybe you won't need bigger guns.

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