Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Abstinence-Only Sex Education

From Wikipedia: "proponents of abstinence-only sex education object to curricula that fail to teach their standard of moral behavior; they maintain that a morality based on sex only within the bounds of marriage is "healthy and constructive" and that value-free knowledge of the body may lead to immoral, unhealthy, and harmful practices."

This is a well-written statement by a conservative dumb person. They throw in words like "morality" and "harmful" and don't back it up with evidence, and expect people to fall in line.

To dumb people sex is bad because:

• God says so

• It's a form of lust

• It corrupts mind and body

• It involves the male sticking his "thang" into the females "thang". How... dirty!

Furthermore, sex should only happen within marriage. This is what god wants. It's amazing how only dumb people are god's messengers!

And what if someone doesn't want to get married, or they only marry when they are much older? Should they abstain from sex then? Maybe it's much easier to follow this guideline if you get married when you're really young (like in the past), but it's generally not a reasonable expectation nowadays.

And yet, our very existence is due to the fornicating ways of our caveman ancestors, who by the way, didn't marry! The social construct of marriage didn't come about until someone decided that it was time to listen to god's word and not sin anymore. So all that sex out of wedlock that our ancestors had... I guess god is willing to overlook that dark period of human history because now we "know better".

Sex feels good for everyone involved. So why should something feel good so that you can feel bad about it after? Oh, what a sinner I am! This type of thinking reeks of ultra low-awareness. It comes from someone who just hasn't connected the dots and asked enough questions to get to the truth of the matter.

The fact is that the U.S. has the highest teen birth rate and one of the highest rates of STI's among teens in the industrialized world (despite its many efforts to teach abstinence-only sex education). And in contrast, many European countries teach sex education in an open manner and therefore have some of the lowest incidents of teen pregnancy and STI's.

The problem is not "messed up teens", as some would say. The problem is with dumb adults who have trouble coping with human sexuality. So they try to marginalize it to make it go away. It's also an ownership issue. They can't stand the thought of their kids fucking other people. Result: the kids do it anyway but minus the knowledge of how to prevent STI's and unwanted pregnancy. The truth is that this fundamental aspect of human behavior cannot simply be repressed by conservative groups who are themselves sexually and intellectually repressed. Attempts to do this result in people developing messed up views with regards to sex. So instead of having healthy outlets for sex, it gets pushed into strange corners. For example, many people use lame excuses to avoid feeling ashamed about sex; such as "I was drunk", or they get into boring relationships just to feel good about having sex. Or sometimes, they only have casual sex when they're so frustrated with societies restrictions that they reach a boiling point, and just want to "get laid" with the first available person. So in many instances casual sex correlates with a neurotic state of mind. The person has sex with someone but under less than ideal conditions, and with a chip on their shoulder the whole time.

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Anonymous said...

I was raised in a Catholic home and have been told that sex before marriage was wrong. However; ever since I stumbled upon Steve pavlina's blog I've been exploring my own beliefs with regards to sexuality. It's been a difficult process since it means questioning many years of conditioning.

I think you're right about abstinence-only sex education. You make an especially good point about the time that many religious teachings were written. Marriage in the past is not like marriage today, so why are we educating children about sex based ideas that are outdated?

What I have discovered is that many abstinence-only teachings regarding sexuality use shame. Men and women are taught to feel shame if they don't have sex the "moral" way.

Shame can be a powerful tool to repress a behavior, but I found that with Abstinence-Only Sex ed kids are taught to avoid sex rather than be intelligent about it.

What's worse is that too much shame becomes toxic. And repressed individuals get accustomed to functioning at a lower level of consciousness.

Anyways that was a good read keep up the good work.