Sunday, 8 March 2009

Using A Thesaurus When Beliefs Are Challenged

Nothing beats a thesaurus when faced with the possibility of being wrong. Dumb people are well aware of its usefulness in silencing the "opposition". And nowhere is a thesaurus more handy than when trying to win arguments over the internet. Unlike real time where you have to think on the fly, on the internet you can grab the 'ol thesaurus and flip through it until you come across words that make you sound "smart". You then fire off a response.

Don't say "use". Say "utilize".

Don't say "prove". Say "substantiate".

As the tempers flare up so do words like "proclivity" and "diatribe". And when dummies really mean business they take out the big guns: "De facto" and "banality". The Rant & Rave on Craigs List is a goldmine for words like this. If you want to see dummies in full thesaurus-mode, that's where you go.

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