Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thinking Science Is "Man Made"

Apparently, in the minds of some, science is just another viewpoint, like politics or philosophy. To them, the laws of physics are man made. People made them up in order to satisfy their agenda. Therefore, when someone says that you can't create energy out of nothing, they are brainwashed by science.

I love how gravity just seems to behave exactly the way I want. I predict that when I let go of something, it will fall. And it does. Every time.

In the same vein, I love how my car always runs the same way no matter which day of the week it is, and regardless of the whims of the laws of physics (created by man). Now that's a "religion" I can fully support, one that actually proves its existence.

If you haven't heard of perpetual motion or overunity devices, you're out of the loop. These things are said to create more energy than they consume. The same goes for cars that run on water. Free energy baby! The universe has a lot of explaining to do. Why oh why spend so much energy creating galaxies, stars, and planets when you can tap into the free energy that's all around us. They must not have gotten the memo that fateful day 14 billion years ago, when it all began.

If you ask a dummy how come overunity devices aren't invented yet, they will almost always say that they are "close". There are just some fine details that need to be sorted out. And besides, there are conspiracies trying to prevent such devices from ever seeing the light of day.

As a general rule, all overunity devices produce very little "extra" energy. So little in fact that you might even think they are slightly under-unity. But potential margins of error pale in comparison to the prospect of having free energy.

Furthermore, all "plausible" overunity devices look suspiciously like highly conservative systems, where there is very little friction loss; meaning they appear to run "forever". And what overunity device would be complete without the use of magnets or some form of electromagnetism where dials are turned and switches flipped. Apparently it's harder to prove (or disprove) something when you can't see the forces and interactions at work. If you tried to make an overunity device using cables and pulleys you would quickly be SOL.

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