Sunday, 8 March 2009

Extremism In The Name Of Liberty

There's a class of dumb people that thinks any form of regulation is a violation of their basic freedom. These dummies give the impression of standing up for liberty, but they do so at the expense of enlightenment and doing things better. Better to breathe foul air in a "free market" than introduce regulations that would clean things up.

The problem is one of color-blindness. They only see things as black and white. They cannot distinguish between a nazi-police state and government intervention for the greater good. Any intervention is "bad" in their point of view. Therefore checks and balances for Wall Street are bad. Therefore salary caps for CEOs (bailed out with government money) are bad. Therefore a balanced tax system is bad. Let the chips fall where they may, these dummies argue. And if there's corruption that's unfortunate but the system must not be compromised. Even in the face of an economic downturn which in many ways proves that the system is faulty, the "freedom fighters" don't want the "land of the free" to change.

The Republican party of the United States is the poster boy for how too much liberty can go wrong. Of course, they are staying the course. The Republican Party, the GOP, has its fair share of dummies. One only has to read the comments on the Fox News website to see how much hate, bile and ignorance Conservatism for its own sake can generate.

Time to change your ways GOP dummies. The sun stopped revolving around the earth a long time ago. A degree of regulation is not the same as Communism. If it weren't for the recklessness of people like you, regulation wouldn't even be necessary. But we see now that we must "toilet-train" you so that we don't have to deal with you making a mess whenever you feel like it.

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oh I bet you love Bill Maher as much as I do.