Friday, 2 January 2009

Being Right

Dumb people love the feeling of being right. They get off on it. They are good at giving unsolicited advice in an effort to prove how knowledgeable they are.

When they aren't listened to they get defensive and resort to guilt tripping; presenting (imagined) scenarios of what will happen if they are not listened to.

"I have a friend who did this and then got screwed over for not listening!" is a well rehearsed defense in case things go awry.

Dumb people especially like being right about controversial subjects. When it comes to emotionally charged subjects such as religion, politics, dating, sex, all dumb people are experts. When it comes to giving advice related to something that is influenced by their ego they are the first to dispense with the wisdom.

The more emotionally invested they are the more certain they are right. The more they can find people who agree with them (and ignore the ones that don't) the more certain they are right.

When it comes to discussing subjects that cannot be proved or disproved, such as the existence of God or aliens, dumb people are the authority. No one else can speak with such certainty on something that doesn't have a factual basis. Dumb people love thinking they are right if they can't be proven wrong. Unfortunately, the fact that they can't be proven right either doesn't register with them.

The same goes for opinion based views. For example, dumb people are very certain that their favorite movie or band is the best and that other preferences are wrong. All effort is made to convince others of their preferences using reasons that are, by themselves, based on other personal preferences. For example,

"It's the best because there are these parts in it which are freaking awesome!"

When faced with the possibility of being wrong dumb people do a very clever thing. They interpret wrong answers as if they were right all along. In their mind they weren't wrong. The question was wrong.

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SMUD said...

Dumb people are the only people who try to prove dumb people wrong. The smart ones don't waste their time. Unfortunately dumb people will never realize that they are dumb. It would defeat the purpose.