Friday, 9 January 2009

Bashing Vegetarians and Vegans

"If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did He make them out of meat?"

A priceless Homer Simpson moment, and equally hilarious. Except that there are those that actually think this statement is valid.

A dumb person will never question the wisdom behind eating a big juicy hamburger. After all, it came from meat. Never mind the fact that the cow itself was not raised on meat.

"But humans are carnivores."

In that case we are different from every other carnivore on the planet. We don't have sharp teeth, claws, and the strong stomach acid necessary to digest raw meat. As well, we have long intestines designed for plant matter primarily, whereas carnivores have short intestines - a necessity because rotting meat must be quickly expelled to avoid the toxins.

Furthermore, we are the only carnivore that has to cook meat in order to make it digestible.

This will no doubt give a dumb person pause. But they won't give up that easy. They'll just bring out the big guns; namely statements beginning with "If God didn't..."

"If God didn't want us to eat animals he would not have made them taste so good."

"If God didn't intend man to eat beast, then why did he make them furry, and killable?"

"My dad says, if God didn't want us to eat meat he wouldn’t have invented steak sauce."

Apparently the relationship between God and dumb people is a close one.

Dumb people are sickened by the fact that Vegetarians and Vegans are denying themselves meat - one of the best things in the world. For them, it's equivalent to saying: "I don't breathe." In their mind both these things are vital for survival.

Furthermore, if it's part of a balanced diet it's perfectly healthy. This is actually true to an extent. Meat does provide some nutritional value, but then, why do dieticians always tell us to eat vegetables with meat. It must be hard to digest or something.

This will usually bring another wave of responses in the form of fabrications and anecdotes.

"Vegetarians are pale and skinny."

"Vegetarians don't get enough protein, calcium, etc."

"Vegetarian diets cause people to emit more gas. All those beans and roughage makes people fart!"

"Vegetarian is a North American Indian word for bad hunter."

"Vegetarians are not less violent. They are more critical of others who don't follow their ways. Hitler was a vegetarian. I can't stress that enough."

This last one is clearly a not so subtle attempt at vilification by association.

And then there's the personal accounts:

"He told me that he had been a Vegan for 7 years. Later on he had to ask me to pull down his wife's suitcase from the overhead compartment. Poor guy just didn't have the strength. I had no problems lifting that suitcase."

If there's any overlap between physical weakness and not eating meat, that's all the proof you need.

Heck, let's throw in "Obama is a muslim" as well. Off topic, but on the same level.

When anger rises the dumb comments flow freely:

"Plants are just as alive as animals. It is no more wrong to kill/eat an animal than to kill/eat a plant. Vegetarians who think it's okay to slay plants, but not animals, are like other racists who think it is okay to kill blacks, but not whites. This reveals vegetarians as hypocrites, too."

But I agree that killing carrots may be wrong.

However, plants are not sentient beings and have no nervous system, so they don't feel pain.

In the wild, it's true that many animals become food for other animals. But the difference is that they are not born into captivity and made to endure what farm animals typically go through.

And on that note,

"Humans are at the top of the food chain so it's justified."

In that case, let's put you in a cage unarmed with a polar bear. If it eats you it's justified.

And then there's the defensive strawman arguments:

"Humans ARE superior to animals. That is the way God and /or Mother nature planned it. And there is a very BIG difference between beating a child or fellow human and slaughtering an animal. You just proved what all the meat eaters have been saying about vegans. Humans just aren't important to you."

God + ego + capital letters = dangerous tool for dumb people.

And as if dumb wasn't enough. Let's upgrade to just plain stupid:

"Those who think we should not eat meat because all life is sacred are naive. Would they be happy allowing mosquitoes to spread malaria, or having rats run loose in their home? Not all creatures are equal. There are natural hierarchies in the food chain."

Apparently tolerating pests and malaria are in the same camp as wanting to spare farm animals. Being Vegetarian means you would gladly allow the spread of disease.

Another hilarious reason on why eating meat is better:

"Vegetarians are not more moral because they are killing plants to survive and many animals die from wheat thrashers. And those animals are left to rot and suffer in the fields and are not eaten."

This one is like condemning wind turbines because they occasionally kill birds, while overlooking the fact that bird deaths from cats, vehicles, and windows are far, far greater.

However, since this one is based on a shred of truth it must be addressed. Animals raised for food consume 10 times the amount of energy in plant matter than the meat they provide. So with no livestock there would be much less land needed for growing the wheat/grains to feed them. So in fact, less animals would die from "wheat thrashers", as Earl so aptly stated.

In addition to freeing up land it also takes about 100 times as much water to produce meat than to produce wheat.

Food and water shortages would be much less of a concern.

And we would also not have to deal with all the animal waste and runoff into rivers/streams etc.

The American Dietetic Association and the World Health Organization, among other groups, point out that vegetarian and vegan diets provide all the nutrients people need to be healthy. And it cuts down on a lot of the things that are bad for us, which contribute to obesity, disease, etc.

Many people are vegetarian/vegan and have lived happy healthy lives for many years, including celebrities, scientists, and prominent people from the past such as Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein.

I could go on but this post is about dumb people bashing vegetarians and vegans, not the reasons to switch.


Pirate Redbeard said...

This is hilarious! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Who are you, or I, to tell anyone how or what they "should, would or could" be eating? The arrogance of the human mind is vast.

We eat what we eat for infinite physical, emotional, spiritual as well as mental reasons. Is one ore right or wrong? Who are we to decide?

Since when is pain the only determining factor of what has a consciousness or not? Is that not limiting?

Why are we humans obsessed with pain?

Just what is pain, anyways?

Arguments seek more arguments.

Questions seek answers. Answers beg more questions.

For all which there is no end to the mind's chatter.


Anonymous said...

hmm.. stuff dumb people do.. how about bashing MEAT EATERS and puttin everyone into one catagory based on a few people. If anything vegetarians are the ones trying to force their views on everyone else and, always b****ing and when you eat meat they look at you like your eating a newborn baby. Complete ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Newborn baby...

Steph said...

Hey Anon 2...what was that you were saying about generalization??

About Me said...

I have a question that will stump you:

What if you are in a third world country and a group of villagers have killed and cooked one of their prized chickens in honor of your visit. Would you reject their generous offer and disrespect them or would you eat the chicken?

lele said...

Human beings cannot live on *raw* vegetables alone. Were are you going to get your protein? We are omnivorous.

Anonymous said...

Er - aren't you guilty of the same crime you accuse others of by assigning to them stupid characterizations and generalizations that you use as a petard to hoist them up as guilty of your own preconceived notions?

Anonymous said...

.hmmmm....let me see, we're the only animals to use other animals as slaves. are you know gonna force all farmers to do everything by hand? does it also mean that humans have been eating the wrong things, FOREVER? and why aren't you happy just eating what you want and letting others do as they please, instead of pushing your weak agenda? happy eatings!

Anonymous said...

Meat eaters who are animal lovers crack me up. I see those commercials for Katrina dogs with that sappy music behind it, and it's laughable.

Pigs are smarter than dogs, but they're ugly, so apparently that makes them okay to eat. The logic is insane once you stop to think about it; Disneyfied, convenient "morals."

The only meat eaters I truly respect would be willing to eat their own cat.

Anonymous said...

You are very clearly an idiot. Scientifically speaking, we are omnivores. Canine teeth aren't for fun.

Philosophically speaking, you say nothing to offset the argument that millions of small animals are killed in threshing machines, other than argue that animals also die in other manners. The point is that WE aren't shoving our fucking agendas down your throat. How about the water used to build your car? How about to make and power the computer you're paying from? Where do you retards draw the line with your frivolous morality?

Humans ARE the top of the food chain. But saying you'll put an unarmed person in a cage with a bear shows your stupidity. Humans are at the top because we can make tools and weapons to augment our lack of natural weapons.

You are precisely the problem. You jump all over non-vegetarians with your insults and snide remarks, but you're too stupid to see the bigger picture. People are omnivores, without question. Some of us kill animals, sure, but we aren't sitting on a moral high horse over it.

Grow up, moron.

John said...

Meat eaters should watch PETA videos and if they are still in denial go to actual factory food farms.

This post would make a lot more sense to meat eaters if they were on the receiving end of the cruel and unethical treatment just so that someone else higher up on the food chain can taste your flesh.

Anonymous said...

Retards like John should look at PETA's track record before taking them as gospel truth.

Animals are *sometimes* mistreated at farms, and it's abhorrent when it happens. However, most of PETA's videos are agitprop. It's outdated footage, or taken from other countries. They're a bunch of animal killing, animal product-using, hypocritical assholes.

If *you* don't want to hurt animals, grow and hand-pick your own crops and get off your moral fucking high horse. Stop driving, buying plastics and rubbers, stop using electricity from the grid, because they all use water to create as well.

I don't walk around picketing you idiots, stop shoving your agenda down our throats.

John said...

^^^ Keep posting comments. It gives me more dumb person topics to talk about.

Anonymous said...

ill eat a hamburger because its good, if half the vegan food was any good i might eat it.. grass and blue alge, wtf is up with that? and no, were not carnivores or herbivors were omnivores. owr front teeth are somewhat sharp back teeth are dull. i dont have a problem with true vegitarians as long as i can have my steak at the end of the day.but you all seem to hate the idea of that. only thing i hate about EVERY vegitarian i have known/know is they eat fish..hate to tell you this but thats an animal, and they do farm raise some, if it breaths and has flesh, and it can feel its most likely an animal.
iv seen the videos and, oh well, im cool with it. i'd prefer to be killed in a factory then having to be eatin alive.
if we wernt superior to animals wouldnt they be outsmarting us (setting traps, farming, useing others as slaves, hell why not using the internet) its because we are better then them. and i dont believe in god, millions of years of evolution is why we can do what we can..kinda seems like you were just bashing on meat eaters, yet you whine about us bashing on you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who posted the comment about pigs and dogs ---> are you aware that dogs have been our companions for 14,000 years? Dogs being cuter than pigs have absolutely nothing to do with us eating pigs. Dogs are simply our close friends and family. Its like me telling you: "Whats the difference between eating a human and a pig? Well, they certainly taste the same so why don't you try eating a human?"
You make me sick.

LOVEnotGREED said...

I can't even read all these shite comments. Funny how there are people who are saying that vegans have a go at meat eaters for eating meat. Well guess what? I'm vegan and I NEVER tell ANYONE what to do but it is CLEAR that I upset people simply by living the way I do. People ask ME questions then damn well argue with me about my answers! Meat eaters push their opinions on ME! That I know for CERTAIN! I am mean to respect their eating habits, which I do and then they think they have all the damn right in the world to judge me!!! Some meat eaters are the biggest haters in the world. Keep your opinions to yourself. And by the way, animals DO have equal rights to humans if you MUST know what I think. Opinion and fact are actually not the same thing.

LOVEnotGREED said...

Meat eaters give me shit constantly about being vegan and I never ever preach or mention my diet or beliefs. I'm always being treated like a dole blugging hippy... it made me realise who my friends were... and it wasn't the ones I thought!

Anonymous said...

All of you are over-reacting. Your accounts of meat-eater this, and vegetarian that all come down to the same petty problem. All men have it. I believe it is called being judgmental. You could eat dog sh*t and be judgmental. It has nothing to do with your preferences or dental evolution. If you have such big problems with compromising on a different diet all men can eat, I have some advice. Go eat a d*ck.

Anonymous said...

First off I would never go to a 3rd world country. 2nd why would they be feeding me when there dirt poor. I would say I don't believe in eating chicken. But I'm not the try to try to push my beliefs onto someone else. I eat what I eat, you eat what you eat