Saturday, 13 December 2008

Wanting Relationships To Justify Sex

The much sought after "relationship" is often just a reason for dumb people to justify having sex. They are unable to live comfortably with their sexuality unless it is under the veil of something "more serious".

Dumb people often use the notion of respect and the need to be respected for their sexual behavior. If they have sex without being in a relationship or declaring it soon after, then they were "used". Dumb women are especially taken in by this. They feel that they have lost something of value if the sex isn't coupled with certain puritanical requirements.

But the bad feelings don't emerge during the act of sex, only afterwards if certain conditions aren't met.

Dumb people will pass sexual judgment on other smarter more liberated people based on what society has taught them, not from their own ethical insight.

They are unable to give good reasons why they should feel bad about something that is meant to be fun, except that "it just is".

And if they do happen to have casual sex they try to pass it off as being drunk at the time or that it was meant to be.

You see, a sure-fire way to get into a relationship with a dumb person is to have sex with them. They will backwards rationalize that it was meant to be or something of that ilk, rather than face the music of their own infidelity to the social norm.

They might not actually like you, but who cares, if you have sex with them then you suddenly become very important to keep around.

Furthermore, if you were really good in bed then they will want more of you. So let's sign this relationship agreement ASAP, dammit!

Dumb people are forced to find ways to get laid while keeping up with appearances.

But it's easier for them to do this then face up to the insanity of what they are doing.

The smart person will say: Why find excuses for eating good food? Just admit that you have a healthy appetite.

Misery and stupidity loves company. In fact, they are very much inseparable.

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