Saturday, 20 December 2008

Trusting People Who Believe Their Own Bullshit

Dumb people don't bother to check and see if what you say is true. Instead, they look to see if you believe what you say is true (no matter how absurd). This is how dumb people are able to blindly follow religion and other dogma, including joining cults. If the message is delivered strongly enough and with enough conviction and authority, dumb people are powerless to resist. They become like putty in the hands of the manipulator(s).

However, the bullshit can also be things like:

• I've been abducted by aliens

• I saw Elvis

In this case the bullshitter is not necessarily trying to manipulate, but is most likely another dumb person who believes very strongly in what they are saying. In which case, dumb people will agree, he must be telling the truth.

Even more so if it sounds sensationalistic and adds excitement to their lives.

Dumb people are more trusting of someone who appears sure of himself than someone who has less the "gift of gab" but is more honest.

The reason for this is that dumb people don't like to think for themselves and seek out the facts for themselves. They rely instead on what they are told by others. As a result, they develop a keen surface level bullshit detection system which (ironically) doesn't weed out bullshitters, just the people who don't deliver as well. The former then become their men (or women) of choice.

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