Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Not Reading The Instruction Manual

Reading the instruction manual is a no-no for dumb people. They feel that a manual gets in the way of them using the product. It's better for them to just start using the darn thing. Ready or not here I come.

Afterwards, they often give negative reviews of the product either on consumer forums or at the warranty department. The thing didn't work the way they thought it should and now they are upset.

"The battery for the cordless mower died after just one year. This product sucks!" - didn't bother to check the manual which stated that the battery should not be left outside in the cold.

"The generator has trouble starting and it's only a year old!" - didn't bother to check the manual which said that the gas shouldn't remain in the gas tank for long periods of time because it will gum up the fuel injection.

"This external hard drive only lasted me a year. It's a piece of @#$%" - it was dropped and thrown around too many times. Although these units are made robust they are not indestructible. Dumb people don't know the difference.

Why do you think car rental places only have vehicles with automatic transmissions? Because dumb people and standards don't mix.

Sometimes instruction manuals try to convey in BOLD letters what not to do, knowing that dumb people will do it anyway. They don't read the manual after all. So it is merely a way for the manufacturers to cover their legal asses and avoid frivolous lawsuits.

Other times dumb people do read the manual but screw it up anyway. Their screw up is just so utterly unique and unheard of that even the manual didn't warn against it, since it could not have been foreseen by the manufacturer, in which case provision must be made by the manufacturer to include the warning next time.

Food is one of the things that even dumb people have trouble screwing up. However, several people at several coffee places, including McDonalds, have become rich in the process by scalding themselves with coffee that was "too hot". An amazing situation where stupidity and making lots of money align. Although it has become a scam of sorts since those initial incidents, in which case the juries that award damages are the dumb ones.

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Anonymous said...

Another thing dumb people apparently like is talking about how dumb other people are, especially when the speaker has no idea what actually occurred.