Saturday, 13 December 2008

Meaningless Valentine's Day Gifts

The gesture that is the meaningless Valentine's Day gift is a common ritual on February 14. The success of many couples depends on adherence to this ritual. It is essentially a timed calendar event: Show me you care on this day or else...

Dumb people are very sensitive to receiving the symbol that is the Valentine's Day gift. It doesn't matter if it doesn't have genuine intent behind it. It doesn't matter if the person giving the gift (usually the man) hates the idea of having to put on an empty display for the other person (usually the woman). All that matters is that on that day I have something to show for being in a "relationship".

Dumb people love meaningless symbols.

What a sense of entitlement dumb people have. Having to show you "care" on a specific calendar day of the year, and making a serious effort at it (IOW making it look "sincere"). Dumb people (especially dumb women) feel the necessity to go through this ritual just to keep with appearances, without much emphasis on doing it because of how you feel inside. To them the act is more important than the place it comes from. So as long as it looks good and passes the test then, sure, we can keep seeing each other and having sex.

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