Friday, 26 December 2008

Magic Pills

The promise of quick easy results in the form of a magic pill is something dumb people lust after. It is such an easy sell to them that marketers would be foolish to overlook it.

Want to lose weight fast?

Want to pick up girls?

Want to get a six pack in 10 days?

It's easy. Just buy this product and results will be guaranteed.

That's the other thing. Dumb people need to see the word "guaranteed" before deciding on a magic pill. It helps reassure them.

Cherry picked (or fake) testimonials are another way to convince dumb people that they are making a wise decision. As they read through testimonial after testimonial proclaiming how great the product is, they get reeled in.

And the marketing line:

"Like you, I used to be skeptical. But it works!"

is ultra-powerful.

Add to this the placebo effect that it will work (mostly true for self-improvement products) and you may actually get some perceived value out of it. And in certain cases where the person felt that no progress was made, the magic pill pushers will convince them that progress was made... until the money back guarantee expires, that is.

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