Thursday, 18 December 2008

Lying Politicians

Politicians who habitually lie have a strong support base of dumb people. The correlation is easy to understand. These politicians understand that an important part of winning rests with the "dumb vote", and the easiest way to secure it is to tell lies. The rest of the voter base is typically firm in who they will and will not vote for. So given an even split of decided (more intelligent) voters, the appeal must then be made to this group of people to tip the scale in their favor.

More cunning unscrupulous politicians understand this group well and are prepared to do everything in their power to win their vote. This usually involves lying to a degree or even complete blatant lying. This usually involves distorting their opponent's views in the worst possible way, or deliberately misinterpreting their opponents position, even if it means ignoring the facts repeatedly.

One key strategy of lying politicians is to repeat the same lie over and over until enough dumb people concede that it must be true. Alternatively, different lies will be repeated in a "throwing shit on wall" fashion until something sticks. This is largely hit or miss since even dumb people are somewhat unpredictable in this regard.

Historically speaking, lies that have successfully attracted dumb voters are ones that use simple phrases, containing 10 words or less. Phrases such as: "He will raise your taxes. I won't raise your taxes"; "America must remain strong. Socialism isn't right for this country"; "He's putting this country at risk by (insert whatever)".

The objective is to keep it simple, and push as many emotional buttons as possible. Make it seem like their identity or freedom is being threatened. Make it seem like something is being taken away from them. Appeal to the baser instincts revolving around self-preservation, prejudice, and fear of change. Do this by lying and planting seeds of doubt.

And if nothing else make it seem like voting for the other guy is unpatriotic, because it goes against the founding principles of the country.

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