Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Jumping To Conclusions

Opening their mouth without thinking is a dumb person's forte. They relish the opportunity to blurt out poorly thought out statements that can only be described as nonsensical. They love to draw sweeping conclusions based on a modicum of information. Silence is not an option for them. They have to get their 2 cents in (which is probably overvalued anyway).

Dumb people have the unique ability to formulate wrong conclusions from concise information. They are able to do this by not actually reading or hearing something in its entirety. Instead they only focus on the parts that match with their "world view". And from that they can "expertly" say that...

If you talk to them about global warming they'll argue that it's impossible because 2008 was one of the coldest years, disregarding the upward trend of all the years before that.

If you talk to them about the constitutional right of the coalition attempt to topple Stephen Harper's government in the face of non-confidence, they'll argue that it's unconstitutional to overthrow a government that was elected. Full stop. But really, it's unconstitutional to them because they don't know how the Canadian parliamentary system works. It's unconstitutional to them because they feel that something is being taken away from them, even though they had every opportunity as a voter to find out how the system works before casting a ballot.

If they know beforehand and it happens, it's okay. But if they don't know beforehand (due to ignorance) and it happens, then it's a "betrayal" of their trust.

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