Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Holidays Instead Of Merry Christmas

This time of year it's customary to wish people a merry Christmas. This worked fine for many years until recently a few years ago, certain sensitivities rose out of it. Certain people came to take offense given that their religion doesn't recognize Christmas. So telling them "happy holidays" became the preferred greeting. That's fine except for one problem. It's dumb! Seriously, who cares! It's just a custom, not borne of malice. Chill out, as some would say.

Alas, dumb people will not have this as their political correctness training encourages a kind of petty hypersensitivity to matters that may infringe on their belief system. Merry Christmas has simply become one of the latest aggravators of this irrational sensitivity. The same goes for putting up Christmas trees. How dare anyone ram their beliefs down someone's throat with a damn tree!

It makes you wonder, what's next. I'm personally not going to think about it too much. If it slips out and I offend someone I may sarcastically say: "I'm sorry, I was trying to convert you. Say, do you know where I can buy Christmas trees?"

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Anonymous said...

Why does it make somebody dumb to not be religious? I think many studies show the opposite since its been proven, more often than not, dumb people need structure and their life and religion is more appealing because it offers a way to live your life. That is no say that all religious people are dumb because I know many who are genius, but to say that those who refuse to recognize that not everybody is christian and that its easier to say happy holidays and recognize all faiths, is ignorant.