Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Going Out Of Their Way To Save Pennies On Gas

Lineups at the pump are common as dumb people scramble to get the best deal on gas. It seems they are willing to pay any price except money.

Waiting a long time... driving extra kilometers... who cares... I'm saving money here. Not taking into account the extra gas burnt. Not taking into account the time wasted that could have been spent doing something more useful.

If you actually manage to save any money you might just have enough to buy a bag of chips. Would you go out of your way to receive a bag of chips?

If a dumb person buys a gas guzzler they are the most inclined to do anything they can to save on gas, except of course not buy a gas guzzler.

Dumb people don't mind the big expenses but when it comes to the small stuff they count the f**king pennies!

Ever hear of those people who go out of their way to pick up quarters that are glued to the floor?

They don't give up easy.

I wonder what would happen with electric vehicles. What insanity would dumb people endure in order to save money there? Maybe they would charge their car using a really long extension cord connected to a neighbour's house that has a lower utility rate. Maybe they would try pushing their car and use the regenerative braking effect to help charge the battery.

Now that's using your head. Too bad the outcome would still be laughable.

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