Monday, 22 December 2008

Giving Thieves Easy Access To Their Possessions

Dumb people can't be bothered with safe guarding their belongings, and as a result thieves prosper.

It takes dumb people too much conscious effort to take precautions. In their mind it's better to make their stuff accessible so they can quickly pick it up later.

They're in too much of a hurry to lock the car door and remove the keys from the ignition. And besides it'll just take a minute to go inside the store and pick something up. Long enough for a thief to make off with the vehicle.

Leaving credit cards out in the open. Leaving their wallet and purse lying around.

Leaving their mobile phone, iPod, digital camera where someone can quickly make off with it. At the time it was too inconvenient to guard against it and besides, they were in their own world.

This happens mostly during holiday seasons such as Christmas; in keeping with the spirit of giving.

There are warehouses full of stuff that were once owned by dumb people, and thieves nearby knowing there will never be a shortage of suppliers.

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