Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Getting Jobs They Hate So They Can Retire Happy

Dumb people have found that the way to deal with job discontent is to look forward to the day they retire. They feel that it's perfectly fine to do work that you don't enjoy because one day you'll be able to retire and do what you really like.

As the months and years drag by they are happy knowing that they are just one day closer to living their dream. Only twenty years left to go!

40 hours a week (or more) of hate don't seem so bad when you have the rest of your life to look forward to at the age of 65.

You still have 20% left to go, right?

To the dumb person it is more important to have a job that drains them physically and emotionally than be "unemployed" and looking for meaningful work. The thought of being burdened with this particular social label is enough to kill any independent thought in its tracks. Any chance of entrepreneurial spirit... gone!

That and the threat of "lost income" are just too much to bear. Who cares if I wasn't happy. At least I made money. But too bad I couldn't really enjoy it. I was too busy stressing over work and getting into debt buying things I don't really need.

It gets even more insane.

Dumb people feel they have to keep at it to avoid getting "stale" and maintain their employability in order to get other jobs they may not like in the future. Working the grind in order to ensure that they can continue working the grind.

Worse still, they may feel that since they studied this topic in school and invested so much time into it, they have to keep at it because otherwise all their previous efforts were for nothing.

Correcting the course would be like admitting they were wrong. Can't have that, especially when you're getting so close to retirement.

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