Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Driving Aggressively To Get There A Few Seconds Sooner

Just can't get there fast enough. The person behind you who is tailgating, who appears anxious behind the wheel. Chances are that it's a dumb person.

How much time is actually saved? You can measure it in seconds, usually. That's the time it takes to make a jackrabbit start, roll through stop signs, and reduce the safe following distance to less than one second.

It just feels like you're going too slow otherwise.

Dumb people will take all sorts of risks to get there faster, like cutting in front of you at the last second before the lane merges, or cutting it a little too close when making a turn.

Even fastening your seatbelt takes extra time!

It's especially comical when these people manage to shave a bit of time off their drive, and then find themselves in a situation where everyone is forced to slow down, including those "slow-pokes" they had passed.

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