Friday, 19 December 2008

Buying Gas Guzzlers Again Now That Gas Prices Are Low

Now that we're in an economic recession gas prices have dropped sharply from their previous high. This is a result of lower consumer demand brought on by the tough times.

As a result, gas guzzlers are starting to become popular again. Certain people are once again choosing to purchase gas intensive vehicles now that fuel is once again very affordable.

It's a hallmark of the times that dumb people will revert back to old bad habits at the first opportunity. How easy they seem to have forgotten that not too long ago they were whining about how gas was too expensive, when filling up their big trucks and SUVs. Those dirty gas companies are gouging us at the pump, they would proclaim. Those dirty gas companies raise and lower prices as they see fit, they would angrily say.

And now here we go again. Shock at the pump has turned into trance and any hindsight, like the gas that is burned, has gone up in smoke.

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Tight Banana said...

Yes. Lesson never learned. Just like we never learned from the any previous recessions.