Saturday, 20 December 2008

Boring Jobs

Brain numbing boring repetition is perfectly acceptable to dumb people because they don't notice the difference. They're already accustomed to having low levels of awareness and shutting down higher thought processes.

Dumb people typically hold jobs like this. The easier and more mindless it is the more they like it. It's their comfort threshold. They know they can do it and it gives them confidence.

At the end of the work day they are no worse or better off than before. This is unlike an intelligent person who would feel drained of their mind and soul.

The irony is that more intelligent people are sometimes judged harshly for not having the ability to do the jobs that dumb people just breeze through. "You must be even dumber than the dumb people", is the common accusation.

Even worse, intelligent people are sometimes accused of having behavioural problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), insubordination tendencies, or other problems related to having a strong sense of independence. Be like the dumb people. Make our company proud.

One of the most mindless routines ever created is sitting in front of a computer all day, manipulating images on a computer screen. What's seen as a "cushy" office job is actually a very effective means of draining an individuals sense of creativity and creating a drone like work atmosphere. Intelligent people are unfortunately very much sucked into the very dumb mindset of producing from within the drone ranks. They will go far, is the common lure. They're smart after all.

At first they resist and struggle but with the determination to fit in they eventually become tame and take on a more submissive mindset. Their former intelligence is only a shadow of their current selves. Their working life is sacrificed for producing a cog in the machine in return for a steady paycheck and social accolades.

If they happen to work their way up in the company they may get to produce two or three cogs for the machine.

Nevertheless, a far cry from their original abilities.

The trap for college and university grads is: It is better to make good money somewhere "recognized" as a testament to the time spent in school, rather than use what you learned in school as a testament to the time spent in school, while enjoying more freedom and mental stimulation with perhaps a less steady paycheck. This is the "intelligent" justification for doing what is actually a very dumb thing.

This is why so many college and university grads jump headfirst into mindless boring jobs with limited growth after graduation without first thinking of the alternatives. The last thing they want is to risk having to say they are "unemployed" when asked what they do for work. Better to work a lacklustre job for a well known prestigious company than risking the shame of doing what they really want.

The result is inevitable: many dumb people who were once intelligent, working mindless boring jobs.


Mike said...

Why the harshness toward people who are slow minded? If not for the grace of God, you could be that way (and it could still happen to you, so don't push your luck with the Man Upstairs).

John said...

If someone is mentally handicapped I won't say anything bad about them because it's not their fault. But a lot of people are "slow minded" because of intellectual laziness or just ego. Those people I will post about.

Anonymous said...

My case is very similar
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Anonymous said...

Sir, that is completely disgusting. I work at a greenhouse for 65 hours sorting seeds and stacking 288 celled trays on racks all day... do you think I enjoy it? Of course not. I feel drained all of the time. People don't work at these places because they're dumb, and they certainly don't just breeze by. People work these jobs because they have to. They're normally living in an area where intellectually stimulating jobs are scarce or do not have the finance for an education which would allow them to work in such a job. For you to label everyone who works hard at their menial job 40-60 hours weekly dumb is completely repulsive and you should be ashamed of yourself. A lot of us have hobbies on the side which are highly intellectually stimulating. For example, I enjoy reading about astronomy and am teaching myself piano and musical theory as well as other enjoyable and interesting things. Anyway, you need to grow up, or crawl back into your mother's womb, because people aren't going to tolerate a person with such an ignorant and arrogant attitude towards those who have the guts to do what they have to do to get by. In this situation, the notion of you being "dumber than the dumb people" actually does apply. You're most definitely a very stupid and inexperienced person. I suggest you accept it and move on, because there's a very big world out there and from the sounds of it, you have but the smallest glimpse and maybe a hair of understanding.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're a very predictable sort. Your mindset and ignorant outlook on things is offensive to so many people and in so many ways. Our society is more so designed to allow greedy pricks like you to put themselves in obnoxiously advantageous positions so that they may gain by using others who were born less fiscally privileged. Who are you to be calling working class people 'dumb'? The job market is very bleak right now, and because of this lack of opportunity to acquire wealth, it makes it much more difficult to attain a useful education, and an occupation of higher purpose. I am from the lower socio-economic class, and I am by no means 'dumb'. I work mindless, low-skilled jobs because I have to, and not because I want to. Some of us live in areas where education is not so available and can't exactly scrape up the funding to move or go to school elsewhere without racking of an enormous debt. It requires a strong drive and confidence to gain a useful education, and getting into that sort of debt completely cancels it out. I, like many others from the lower socio-economic class, do not find these abnormal prices very encouraging. In fact, it pretty much like seems like a pipe-dream when you're from that perspective most of the time. Also, have you ever heard of a 'degree statistic', sir? I know plenty of those. They've accumulated a large debt, did very well in their studies in college/uni, and are now living in my city on welfare or working at a mcjob. The way you refer to others, and especially the lower skilled working class in this article is completely disgusting. You make me feel like taking off my shoes just to vomit in them so that I may put them on and walk around in them.

Alec said...

Oh look, I found an article about this man.

John said...

Okay, I get your point. I understood all along that these posts are not a one size fits all description. So I'll add a note to the header saying that this blog is about the things dumb people like to do which does not necessarily mean that everyone that does these things are dumb people. But ultimately you still need to see at least some truth in what I write and where it applies, as well as have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! I find this type of outside the box thinking to be refreshing. To the people taking offense to this: He's not talking about you, but a state of mind that you may or may not be in. Do you have to agree? No, but at least make sure you understand what is being said before commenting.

Anonymous said...

The article does not say everyone with a low wage job is dumb. The article is about jobs dumb folks like to do. More specifically the article suggests smart people abandon their uniqueness of spirit and dumb themselves down to fit in boring jobs. There is some truth to the assertion.

One of the commenters stated that she knew many people who ran up a kings ransom in student loan debt only to have a degree yet be unemployed. The essential part of the challenge presented by going to college is picking a profitable in demand major and minor. Liberal arts degrees might make you feel smart but they don't usually translate into big bucks.

Computer Science, business, accounting and other professional carrers are where the money is. There is little need for advanced olive shaping and other worthless degrees. If you spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a college education that does not pay big bucks then you are stupid for having chosen poorly.